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Infanta 3.8 Hi Jacker


Inside Beam800mm
Compartments3 + 2
Recommended Power30hp
Empty Weight75kg

Pontoon Technologies - 2 year Warranty

Infanta's soft bottoms and R.I.B collars (pontoons) are manufactured from a high quality PVC. The PVC is been imported from Germany called Valmex made by Melher Technologies. Take these materials and combine it with our double overlap Thermo fused seams these boats can last you a live time.

Hull - Technologies - 3 year warranty

Infanta has been using the gel coat applicator for more than two years now. This machine gives you a better surface for laminating, faster application time, gives a constant thickness through the boat, making our quality and finish in a world class standard. We also use the quick pail dispenser. This machine helps us to control the catalyst levels making sure sufficient curing takes place during laminating. Most of the boat manufacturers use wooden ribs for support under the deck. Infanta has replaced these wooden ribs with a fiber reinforced construction giving the best support to the deck and the hull.

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