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2006 SeaDoo Challenger 180 CS

The official boat for everything under the sun. Whether you're skiing, cruising, snorkeling or just relaxing out on the lake, the Challenger 180 CS can satisfy virtually any need on the water. You'll find this 18-foot boat offers as much onboard space as most 20-foot boats at a much lower cost than most 20-foot boats. We stretched it out to provide more room and a ton of storage space. Then we packed it with 215 supercharged intercooled horses. Go where you want. Do what you want. The Challenger 180 CS is ready to answer the call. The Challenger 180 CS provides added features like custom-fit snap-in carpeting, a stereo remote and a full wraparound windshield for protection from noise and wind whether you're at rest or underway. All purpose. All fun. All the time.


Weight (dry):1,968 lbs./897 kg
Passenger Capacity:8 person
Load Limit:1,440 lbs./653 kg
Storage Capacity:23 cu.ft/7.01 cu.m
Fuel Capacity (incl. reserve):28 US gal./105 L
Oil Capacity:4 US gal./3.5 L
Type / displacement / horsepower:4-Stroke / 1,494 cc / 215 HP
Max RPM:8,000
Drive Unit Impeller:Stainless steel
Generator:30 amp/380 W
Battery:12 volt
Color:Blue / Copper
ID: 35