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2006 SeaDoo Speedster 200

For every action, there is an equal and opposite adrenaline rush. Few things can get your heart racing as fast as the new Speedster 200. We packed it with more horsepower than a herd of wild mustangs. Available with two supercharged and intercooled Rotax engine options. Take your pick between a 310 HP or 430 HP power package. Suffice to say, it's not the rush hour they talk about on the evening news.


Weight (dry):2,770 lbs./1,254 kg
Passenger Capacity:7 person
Load Limit:1,400 lbs./634 kg
Storage Capacity:46 cu.ft/13.90 cu.m
Fuel Capacity (incl. reserve):40 US gal./151 L
Oil Capacity:1 US gal./3.5 L
Engine:4-TEC(tm)1503 (2x)
Type / displacement / horsepower:4-Stroke / 1494 cc / 430HP / 310HP
Exhaust:Dual muffler
Max RPM:8,000/7,300
Drive Unit Impeller:Stainless steel
Generator:30 amp/380 W
Battery:12 volt
Color:Red / Blue
ID: 30