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2012 Sportis MC-4500

SPORTIS RIB boat MC-4500 is a boat with a smooth and delicate line. The wide deck enables to mount seats even in transverse arrangement. The hull construction provides the crew with a large dose of adrenaline at tough driving and the ski driver when being towed. Thanks to the price of the boat is it the first RIB boat for many users.


CE design category:C
Buoyancy chambers quantity:4
Length o.a. [m]:4,45
Flat deck area [m]:3,17
Breadth o.a. [m]:1,95
Cockpit breadth [m]:0,94
Capacity [kg]:800
Boat's weight (without engine) [kg] c.a (weight without fuel tank, console, seats, mast etc):160
Max engine power [kW(KM)]:36,8 (50)
Recommended engine power [kW(KM)]:25,7 (35)
Transom height:L
Available consoles:jockey sport
Available seats:4500 or 5600.
ID: 4762

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