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2012 Sportis S-10500/K

SPORTIS RIB boat S-10500/K is the biggest cabin boat offered by our company. It is invaluable for special operations during tough sea conditions. The hull allows to easily manoeuvre the boat, while retaining stability and security of operating. One of the main advantages of the cabin is its capacity. Accommodation for even 8 persons and the possibility to house a social area in the bow part, make the model attractive for a wide range of users.


CE design category:C/B/A
Buoyancy chambers quantity:9
Length o.a. [m]:10,50
Flat deck area [m]:
Breadth o.a. [m]:3,50
Cockpit breadth [m]:2,05
Capacity [kg]:4000
Boat's weight (without engine) [kg] c.a (weight without fuel tank, console, seats, mast etc):
Max engine power [kW(KM)]:4x257 (4x350)
Recommended engine power [kW(KM)]:2x257 (2x350)
Transom height:XXL
ID: 4766

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