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2012 Sportis S-7500/K

SPORTIS RIB boat S-7500/K with a cabin for 4 people. The cabin design ensures a very wide field of view, as well as the possibility to arrange it many different ways. The area in the bow may be used as a sleeping place for two people, an office or a large hand luggage compartment. The boat offers a wide range of accessories. Large consoles allow the helmsman and navigator to mount very complex navigation systems, and control the engine. This RIB is successfully used by the Police, the Maritime Office, Border Guards, Medical Rescue, Fire Brigade and Navy.


CE design category:C
Buoyancy chambers quantity:6
Length o.a. [m]:7,50
Breadth o.a. [m]:2,80
Cockpit breadth [m]:1,70
Capacity [kg]:3000
Boat's weight (without engine) [kg] c.a (weight without fuel tank, console, seats, mast etc):220 (300)
Max engine power [kW(KM)]:147 (200)
Recommended engine power [kW(KM)]:XXL, 2 * XL
ID: 4771

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