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Walker Bay 10

More room. More features. Boasting all the same innovative features as the Walker Bay 8, the Walker Bay 10 is roomier and comes with a reinforced gunwale, integrated cup holders, a non-slip cockpit floor and is rated for a higher a higher horsepower motor and person capacity.


External Length:9'8" / 295cm
External Beam:4'9" / 145cm
Weight:125lbs / 57kg
Max Horsepower:3HP

Standard Features:

* One piece HIMC hull
* 6.5' Hydro Curve oars with detachable blades
* Steelback oar locks and flush-mount sockets
* Integrated motor/tiller mount
* Wheel in the Keel™ * Stainless steel bow eye
* One way drain plug
* Add-a™ Tube ready
* Sail kit ready

ID: 3215

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