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SeaBoats has been established to market and sell a wide range of boats, recreational and commercial, new and used, to a broad global audience.

Our dedicated international teams of sales professionals are strategically located around the world and utilize modern communication strategies and a vast network of industry associates.

If you are buying or selling, let the SeaBoats team work for you.

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360ft Ice Class A3 Anchor Handling Towing Supply Vessel 2012 109.9m USA
2650m3 Oil Tanker 2004 81.65m $715,000China
93.3m Tweendeck Cargo 1977 93.30m Egypt
3500cbm Cutter Suction Dredger For Sale 2011 97m $3,500,000China
45.5m Double Skin LCT 2014 45.5m $1,500,000Papua New Guinea
NEW BUILD - Defender 22 2020 6.7m Canada
500dwt LCT 2010 43.50m $420,000China
Luxury Dive Charter Vessel and Business in the Maldives with support b 2006 34m $1,500,000Maldives
150ft Fast Support Vessel 1998 150' 3" USA
13000T Deck Ship 2016 139.50m $10,000,000China
35m LCT 1992 34.95m Australia
4000 DWT LCT Self-propelled 2017 82.70m $1,450,000China
NEW BUILD - 13.8m Pilot Boat 13.8m China
NEW BUILD - Renegade 21 6.4m Canada
18m Aluminium LCT for Sale 2014 18m $128,000Indonesia
4x Tugs for Sale and Charter 2007 30m Netherlands
810 PAX, Truck 219 + CAR 77 Car Ferry 1995 189m South Korea
17m Alnmarintec Cat 2012 17m £425,000UK
4800HP ASD Tug 2020 37.15m $3,500,000China
780 PAX, 19 Car Roro Passenger Ship 1996 103.55m South Korea
116m Cargo Vessel 1996 116m $1,600,000Bulgaria
29m Twin Screw Tug 2011 29.17m $515,000Indonesia
147ft FSV 2008 147' USA
NEW BUILD - 12m Open Coastal Ferry 12.4m Indonesia
NEW BUILD - 13.8m Fast SAR Boat 13.8m China
NEW BUILD - 10.6m Pilot Boat 10.6m China
NEW BUILD - 7.9m Landing Craft 7.9m $52,000Cambodia
160ft Fast Supply Vessel 2005 48.77m USA
240ft Offshore Supply Vessel, built 1999 1999 73.15m USA
56m Grab Dredger 1984 56m Japan
NEW BUILD - 22m Fast Catamaran Kit-Set at Greatly Discounted Price 22m $178,000Australia
NEW BUILD - 39m Landing Craft 38.22m Malaysia
21.9m Tug and 68.67m Container Barge 1990 68.67m $1,450,000Paraguay
22m Tug and 68.67m Container Barge 1999 68.67m $1,450,000Paraguay
68.63m RORO Vessel 2002 68.63m $3,500,000USA
22ft Hammerhead RHIB, built 2018 2018 6.7m PHP 2,600,000Philippines
22.15m Tug and 68.67m Container Barge 1987 68.67m $1,450,000Paraguay
68m Ice Class Research / Survey Vessel. 1985 67.36m $1,600,000USA
240ft Offshore Supply Vessel, built 1999 1999 73.15m USA
57.01m Cargo Vessel 1996 57.1m Japan
220ft Barge 2009 220' $500,000Indonesia
40m DP1 Supply Vessel 2012 37.69m $3,100,000Australia
44.80m SPOB 2019 44.80m Indonesia
NEW 34m Hydrographic Survey Vessel For Charter 2021 34m Australia
Custom Built 29m Luxury Long-range Explorer Motoryacht 1999 29m $2,950,000New Zealand
54m DP2 Diesel Electric OSV 2016 53.85m $10,000,000Australia
Sealine 410 Flybridge Cruiser 1995 12.4m SGD 230,000Singapore
15.7m Multipurpose Workboat for Sale & Charter 2018 15.70m €350,000Ukraine
66m Landing Craft Tank 2014 66m Indonesia
NEW BUILD - General-Cargo / Cargo-Training (SF45) 46m €1,320,000Ukraine
NEW BUILD - 25.15m Oil Tanker 25.15m Spain
NEW BUILD - 8.7m Harbour Tug 8.7m Spain
NEW BUILD - Twin Screw 12m Harbour Tug 12m Spain
163.55m Accommodation / Hospital 1977 163.55m €14,000,000Greece
64.71m Ocean Patrol Ship / Research Vessel 1997 64.71m $840,000Japan
1630HP Pusher Tug for Sale 2014 24.12m $510,000China
13000 Ship Tanker 134.80m $8,400,000China
1300HP Hai Yuan Tug 2009 30m $525,200China
47ft Twin Screw Tug 1960 14.33m $395,000USA
NEW 41m Landing Craft 2020 41m $550,000Indonesia
Ro-Ro Open Deck / General Cargo / WaterTanker Barge 2005 35m €425,000Croatia
100.70m Geared Multi-Purpose Cargo Vessel 1998 100.70m South Africa
165 ton Crane Barge 1987 57m $880,000Japan
12m Survey Vessel For Charter Only 2017 12m UK
16.62m Alloy Crew Boat 2010 16' 62" $500,000Netherlands
16.62m Alloy Crew Boat 2010 16.62m $500,000Netherlands
29.76m Tug Boat 2012 29.76m $650,000Indonesia
2x Unfinished Aluminiun Sailing Hull 18m €55,000Ukraine
NEW BUILD - 21.95m Multi Purpose Workboat 21.95m Ukraine
29.96m Tug Boat 2014 29.96m $650,000Indonesia
169.9m 1200 pax Ro-Pax 2017 169.9m China
NEW BUILD - Rescue Boat - RIB 1100 11m Ukraine
NEW BUILD - Cutter Suction Dredger KET-500 35.4m Turkey
26.01m Tug 2018 26.1m $790,000Viet Nam
66m Ro-Ro Passenger 2017 66m $4,000,000China
34m Tug Boat 2009 34m $540,000Malaysia
34m Tug Boat 2009 34m $540,000Malaysia
Ocean Fast 48 Hull & Deck 2010 48m $500,000Australia
36m Trawler with Fish-processing Plant 2020 36.1m Ukraine
NEW BUILD - 19.4m High Speed Patrol Boat 19.4m Ukraine
230ft Deck Cargo Barge for Sale 2011 70.1m $580,000Indonesia
96.58m Cargo Vessel 1995 96.58m $1,900,000Panama
220ft barge "224" 2008 220' $440,000Indonesia
35.85m Passenger / Vehicle Ferry 2019 35.85m Paraguay
NEW BUILD - 19.5m Fast Pilot Boat 19.5m China
45m Cargo Passangers Landing craft - NEW BUILD 45m $1,650,000Indonesia
Two x 250 TEU Container Ship 2010 96m $1,600,000China
Hatteras 68 Convertible Sport Fish Motor Yacht 2006 20.89m $1,950,000Australia
75 TEU Barge 2014 67.40m $1,280,000China
32ft Pusher Tug 1988 32' $225,000USA
NEW BUILD - 10m House Boat 2020 10m €44,000Italy
47.5m Landing Craft 2012 47.5m $1,650,000Malaysia
2002 Halmatic USCG Pacific 32 2002 9.75m $74,000USA
35.69m Landing Craft 2018 37.5m $330,000Indonesia
67.07m Platform Supply Vessel 1995 67.7m USA
40ft Admirals Launch Boat 1986 12.19m $45,000USA
62m Pelagic Trawler / Purse Seiner 1980 62m $2,500,000Peru
NEW BUILD - Landing Craft 8.5m 8.4m South Africa
NEW BUILD - 40m Fast Crew / Security Boat 2020 40.4m Singapore
21.9m Technema Motor Yacht 1999 21.90m PHP 31,500,000Philippines
28.85m Multi Purpose Workboat 28.85m Ukraine
24m Fishing Vessel 2020 23.9m $1,950,000Turkey
129.1m General Cargo. 2002 129m Russia
38.80m Catamaran Ferry 1986 38.8m €800,000Greece
NEW BUILD - 100% Electric Passenger Catamaran 2019 11.50m €310,000Germany
31m Tug Boat 2008 31m $1,400,000Malaysia
34m Tug Boat 2007 34m $540,000Malaysia
37m Anchor Handling Tug. 2009 37m $1,600,000Malaysia
113.12m General Cargo Vessel 1988 113.12m $1,750,000China
70.1m Flat Barge 2007 70.10m Kuwait
300 Pax RoRo Ship 2011 55.80m $1,300,000China
21.3m Tug Boat 1991 21.3m Kuwait
26m Fishing Vessel 2004 26' €1,000,000Portugal
15.7m Tug Boat 1982 15.7m Kuwait
NEW BUILD - 12m Commercial Motorboat 11.99m Estonia
NEW BUILD - Voyager 700 Cabin 7.15m €53,000Russia
31m Tug Boat 2010 31m $1,400,000Malaysia
NEW BUILD - 46.1m Port Tanker Collector 46.1m Ukraine
37m Anchor Handling Tug 2007 37m Malaysia
15.7m Tug Boat 1975 15.7m Kuwait
17.32m Crew Transfer Vessel 1996 17.32m £175,000UK
13.92m Tug Boat 2003 13.92m Kuwait
67.3m Flat Barge 2004 67.30m Kuwait
NEW BUILD - ALLY - GATOR 640 6.4m South Africa
16.2m Pilot Boat / 2 x 500HP Kewatec Pilot 1620 2016 16.2m €650,000Germany
24m Self Propelled Barge for Sale 2009 24m $340,000Egypt
25m Crew Boat 2013 25m Kuwait
111.6m General Cargo 1992 111.6m $1,200,000Japan
NEW BUILD - Catamaran Workboat for Fish Farm Support 2020 15.5m Ukraine
1125dwt Tanker 1991 65.50m $500,000Malaysia
18.31m Crew Boat for Sale or Charter 1997 18.31m Kuwait
18.9m Crew Boat 2009 18.90m Kuwait
NEW BUILD - 18m Pilot, SAR & Patrol Boat 18m UK
NEW BUILD - Water Mate Boats LR9 Safari 2020 9.1m Estonia
100.62m Multipurpose Cargo Vessel 1998 100.62m $1,400,000Turkey
28m Crew Boat 1999 28m Kuwait
30.50m Self Elevating Platform 30.50m France
16.2m Pilot Boat 2016 16.2m €650,000Germany
NEW BUILD - 9m Diving / Fast Transfer / Power Cat 9m Italy
2x 26.8m Fast Patrol Boats 1996 26.8m €200,000Italy
NEW BUILD - 11.3m Ambulance Boat 11.3m Mexico
NEW BUILD - Kingfisher 640 2020 6.4m South Africa
NEW BUILD - 13.2m Fast Patrol Boat 2020 13.2m China
67.75m Ro/Pax Ferry 2013 67.75m Russia
16.2m Pilot Boats For Sale 2016 16.2m €650,000Germany
250ton Revolving Crane Barge & Pusher Tug 1995 54m South Korea
NEW BUILD - Jon Boat 850 8.5m South Africa
1000 DWT Oil Tanker 2010 50.98m $500,000China
NEW 50m Superyacht 49.9m Turkey
108.7m General Cargo Vessel 1985 108.7m $1,100,000Egypt
NEW BUILD - 16m Pilot Cutter 16.45m UK
32ft Custom Cruising Yacht 1990 9.95m $15,000Malaysia
88.29m MPP/DRY-CARGO/1B ICE CLASS 1991 88.29m €970,000Latvia
NEW BUILD - 22.90m Harbour Tug 22.90m Ukraine
NEW BUILD - 5500 dwt Oil 2020 106m $5,550,000China
NEW BUILD - Pacifico Voyager 120 Catamaran Motoryacht 12.9m $280,000Russia
NEW BUILD - Ally-Gator 480 Enduro 4.8m South Africa
NEW BUILD - 12m Pilot Boat 13.30m Mexico
NEW BUILD - 18m Fishing Vessel 17.95m €455,000Ukraine
NEW BUILD - 10m Landing Craft 10.5m Russia
5400 cubic meter (m3) Oil Tanker 2004 105.22m $2,201,800China
NEW BUILD - 10.99m Fishing Vessel 10.99m Ukraine
NEW BUILD - Kingfisher 600 6' South Africa
29m Aluminium Fishing Vessel 1987 29m New Zealand
NEW BUILD - Landing Craft 840 8.4m South Africa
NEW BUILD - 9.75m Tug Boat 9.75m €73,500Ukraine
208.5m High Capacity Floating Docks 1978 208.5m China
Superyacht Excellent Condition - 30m Motoryacht 2007 30.45m $2,600,000Philippines
125.7m Multipurpose DP II CDSV 2012 125.7m China
32m 40TBP Offshore Support Vessel 2008 32m $795,000Australia
56.53m Tanker 1989 56.53m $550,000Malaysia
NEW BUILD - 5500 ton Oil / Chemical Product Ship 2020 106.10m $7,100,000China
NEW BUILD - 20m Fishing Vessel 19.9m Ukraine
285m, 35,000 ton, High Capacity Floating Dock 2010 285m China
14m Pilot Boat 1999 14m €195,000France
NEW BUILD - Kingfisher 550 5.5m South Africa
NEW BUILD - 10.5m Ambulance Boat 10.5m Turkey
NEW BUILD - Ally-gator 480 LE 4.8m South Africa
29.64m Twin Screw Tug 2010 29.64m $675,000China
Spacious 5 Cabin 33m Power Catamaran 1998 33m Hong Kong
42.9m Motor Yacht 2015 42.9m $9,750,000UAE
31.5m LCT 2017 31.50m Indonesia
45.5m Landing Craft 2010 45.5m $600,000Australia
54m Landing Craft 2010 54.46m $900,000Australia
As New 2020 Greenline 45ft Flybridge Motoryacht 2020 14.9m Hong Kong
NEW BUILD - Ally-gator 480 Standard 4.8m South Africa
Outstanding 34.5m Tri-deck Superyacht 2017 34.5m $7,500,000France
45.5m Double Skin LCT 2015 45.5m $1,500,000Papua New Guinea
37.5m Landing Craft 2019 37.5m $342,000Indonesia
Newly Built 4000HP Tugboat 2020 36.10m $1,969,500China
NEW BUILD - 18ft Landing Craft 18' Canada

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