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2006 SeaDoo Speedster Wake

What goes up doesn't always come down. Just ask any wakeboarder who rides behind the new Speedster Wake. Fitted with a 600-lb. (272-kg) ballast tank and a seven-foot tow point above the water for extreme altitude. And a 310 HP or 430 HP power pack option that creates a serious launching pad. It not only defies description - it defies gravity.


Weight (dry):2,960 lbs./1,340 kg
Passenger Capacity:7 person
Load Limit:1,281 lbs./581 kg
Storage Capacity:30 cu.ft/.76 cu.m
Fuel Capacity (incl. reserve):40 US gal./151 L
Oil Capacity:1 US gal./3.5 L
Engine:4-TEC(tm) 1503 (2x)
Type / displacement / horsepower:4-Stroke / 1,494 cc 430HP/310HP
Max RPM:8 000 / 7 300
Drive Unit Impeller:Stainless steel
Generator:30 amp/380 W
Battery:12 volt
ID: 31